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iMayhemp Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
the fact you draw the 2hu characters like how they were supposed to be makes me happy.
you draw Meiling as a serious business gatekeeper, and not a lazy girl. you draw Sakuya as a protective yet badass maid, not a nosebleeder. you draw Flandre as a terrible, dangerous vampire. not a Loli.
you draw Letty and Alice as serious, powerful girls, not as un-protected Lolis. you draw Yuyuko as a lady, not a eating monster. you draw Ran as a serious Kitsune, not a nosebleeder. you draw Yukari as a powerful, yet-lady like Youkai, not a pervert.
you draw Suika, Wriggle and Mystia as super cool, powerful and evil characters. not sweet little kids. you draw Tewi as a tricky rabbit, not a cute little innocent Loli.
you drew Nitori.. perfect. not as a sweet Kappa. you drew Momiji as a serious business patrol/guard, not a cute little wolf that does not harm people.
you drew the Satori sisters are lifeless, emotionless Satoris. not happy/sad creatures.
you drew Nazrin in a serious mood, not a happy mood.
you drew the whole Touhou 13 cast in a perfect way. enough said.
you drew Sekibanki and Seija in a dangerous, yet cool way. not happy treats.
you drew Komachi in a serious business pose, not a lazy girl. you drew Tenshi not being a masochist.
you drew everyone in the way they should be. you deserve a chocolate, a cookie, and a free Wi-Fi and Internet. have a good day.
KelbremDusk Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
That was the best comment i've ever gotten on this.
Thank you so much ♥
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